Christmas In the South!

Yes, that is Rhema on her ride last week– December– with short sleeves!  My thoughts as I watch Rhema ride: “I don’t think I will ever get used to saying Merry Christmas and wearing short sleeves!  It just doesn’t seem right that some folks I’ve seen Christmas shopping are wearing Bermuda shorts and flip flops!”  LOL!

One of the many things I miss about Tennessee is the possibility of snow and the colder holiday weather.  Nevertheless, I am eternally thankful to be here, even without the possibility of Christmas snow….:)  Rhema is THRIVING here under the love of our amazing family, skilled medical teams and gifted, caring therapists.  These are the things I remind myself when I miss my friends in Tennessee, the amazing Christmas displays in the Smokey’s and the possibility of a Christmas snow.  Everything pales and fades away especially in the gradate I feel for the ladies pictured above.  Each and every week these same wonderful women apply their talents and abilities to help our Rhema; they minister  loving-kindness, patience, and love to my little girl.  Such amazing, caring individuals we’ve been blessed to know along Rhema’s journey!  God is Good!