PT Walking before casting September 2013 SNAG-0010Practicing Walking!

Oh my, it’s so hard to tell just how much Rhema’s grown until folks see her who have not seen her for a while.  At PT everyone talked about how much taller she had gotten and it was painfully confirmed when we tried to put her twister cables on her.  Rhema kept hunching over while standing and walking; that’s when we realized that the twister cables belt had dipped way low on her pelvis and the cables were not even aligned correctly.  She had grown and they no longer fit!  WOW!  We had intentionally not let her wear them due to prepping for surgery and keeping her feet healthy and wound-free, but in 3 weeks time she’s had a growth spurt.  So, PT will be put on hold until after her castings and she gets her new “helper shoes”.  We will attend one more session where she will have an end of summer evaluation and also to get her fitted for a mobile-stander that we will use for weight bearing between now and her casting.

PT Bouncing before casting September 2013 SNAG-0009  She loves sitting on this ball and bouncing!  Look at that beautiful smile!

PT Dance Class before casting September 2013 SNAG-0007Rhema enjoyed dance class and is being assisted to “hop like a bunny” here!  Her therapist as so sweet and work so hard to help her do as much of the dance maneuvers as possible like the other kids in the classroom.  For some “moves” it takes two folks, like pictured above, and then she can “hop like a bunny” with the best of them! Praise God for patient therapists!