Rhema Wearing Her Angelina Ballerina Tutu!

Rhema got this Angelina Ballerina Tutu for Christmas!  I’ve wanted to put her in this before, but with the twister cables it is difficult to get on her.  Rather than let her grow out of it and never get to wear it, I decided to give it a try and Rhema really loved wearing it.  Rhema kept saying “Angelina tutu” and “Angelina dance and flower”.

It’s funny how nothing is ever easy with a child who has special needs.  Most folks think, “well, just put that on her, it’s cute!”  But I think, “okay how does she wear the necessary twister cables with this outfit…how do I get this on her plus her large diaper….how does this outfit work for her when her mobility pattern is a mixture of crawling and walking?”  My overall desire is that Rhema’s days are smooth and nothing pops up that inhibits her experience or fun.  So, lesson learned, next time I need to bring tights or some thin pants that can cover her sensitive little thighs and knees.  Rhema fussed a little and the dance teacher and therapists were very patient, but we did have to stop the class, lay her back down, take off her twister cables and shoes, and then put her pants on, put the twister cables back on and then her shoes back on.  Whew!  I’m pretty fast, but it takes time to get her situated where she can participate.  I will be so happy after her surgery and she is all healed up with those perfectly straight feet!

After Dance Class Rhema likes to crawl around and like to visit with her dance teacher.  In this Angelina Tutu she was especially cute!!!  We are so very blessed that Rhema is able to participate in such a wonderful program like “Special Programs for Special Kids” which sponsors her Therapeutic Dance Class.  This dance class has made a huge impact on Rhema’s ability to move her legs and brought so much more awareness of her lower extremities.  I recommend a program like this to any Momma who has a child with special needs.