Sewing Card Sept 2014 SNAG-0000We Did It!

Rhema is still loving school but she is still not cooperating much with all her therapists.  We know that Dr. Thompson confirmed that she has some cognitive difficulties so we know this is part of the issue.   She is just not too good at following auditory directions; they all keep saying that they know she can do what they are asking her to do, but she just won’t do it.  I’m thinking, you are preaching to the choir.  We’ve been dealing with her lack of following directions; and yes, we know she knows what we are asking and/or knows what to do.  It’s very frustrating for us and now we have a whole group of more frustrated friends.  We work on skills at home, like the above picture of sewing cards.  It took so much hand over hand, coaxing and insisting but she and momma sewed the whole card in one sitting.  Afterward I gave her a sticker and she really was excited.

I’ve made a notebook for all her therapists to use where they can reward her with stickers for following directions.  We are hoping that it will help motivate her and give visual validation for her progress.  Rhema loves to show her daddy, Papa and Gida her school work and we all make a big deal of her work with “ooooos” and “ahhhhs”.  So, we are all crossing our fingers that the new “Good Job” notebook will help her make some headway.  Please pray that we can figure out how to motivate her and get her on track.  We will keep you all apprised of how our current strategy pans out.