Teeth Brushing Chart Nov 2014 SNAG-0001She’s Getting There!

Sorry there has been a delay in our posts but Rhema was sick for a while then after she was better she “shared” it with me and I’ve been not feeling well.

But life goes on even when momma is sick and we’ve begun a new thing to encourage Rhema to brush her teeth.  We began it when she got home from the hospital and she has responded very well to it.  We are only brushing once a day right now, but she is not fighting us at all and is very excited to brush to get her star.  Basically she lets me brush her teeth for about 2-3 minutes, and her tongue too and then she is even allowing me to put the little dental mirror into her mouth to “check” how we did.  Now, I’m not really using the mirror but rather it’s to get her used to the idea of the instrument.  She is doing SO well!  We still have to work on her spitting in the sink; she still has to use baby tooth paste she can swallow.  And when I showed her the electric tooth brush she got very scared and said, “No!  Turn it off!”  So, we put it away for now and am just thankful that our nightly tooth brushing sessions are not more like wrestling matches like before.  LOL!

Brushing Teeth Nov 2014 SNAG-0004

1st week teeth brush chart full Nov2014 SNAG-0002One Full Week!

When she got all her stars she was allowed to get a “big prize”!  We asked her what she wanted and she immediately came out with “a helicopter!”  We would ask her every few days what she wanted as her “prize” and each time she told us the same thing.  So, momma got to looking and found a helicopter for my sparkly-toothed Princess!

1ast Prize Teeth Brush Helicopter Nov 2014 SNAG-0001Her 1st Prize!

We are so very proud of her progress and hope to soon incorporate in the electric brush in the hopes that her next dentist appointment will go smoother.  All we can do is keep trying new things to move her down-field.