PT Dance Class BIG DAY moved arms loose arms FEb 2015 SNAG-0004Loose Arms!!!

Okay, so let me explain what you are seeing here– it’s been three years to get here– Rhema is allowing Dee Dee to move her arms in Dance Class!!!!!!!!!!

  It’s been 3 years in the making…. in the waiting…. in week after week no seeing any improvement…..  Who knew that one day it would click with two little words, “Loose  Arms?”

Rhema loves her Therapeutic Dance Class, but for the most part it’s been a spectator sport.  She would smile, take in all she was seeing, allow herself to be stood up and moved about, but just not move her arms!  She would tighten up and just would not allow it.  So, for the past few weeks it’s been such an AMAZING change!!!!!  She still tries to tighten up but we can say, “where are those loose arms” or “remember your loose arms” and those little muscles will relax.  WOW!!!!!  YAY RHEMA!!!!

When we left Dance Class we were so excited!  Rhema got to pick out a sucker out of the Prize Box.  She was so funny;  she said she wanted a “blueberry sucker” so I asked her what color would that be and she answered back, “blue mom!”  It was like she was saying, “duh, don’t you know that!”  LOL!  It’s amazing the cognitive jump she’s had lately where she is articulating so much more of her needs and wants.  LOL!  But we did not stop there with the sucker, no we went all out and got a new toy as well.  She picked out a Barbie doll that had ice skates!  Rhema is still fixated on skating and ice skating– yup, momma’s got her work cut out for her in figuring out how to get Rhema on some skates somewhere safe.  Maybe by summer, when she is stronger in her stepping and standing, we can make this a reality.  If it’s doable, I will find a way!   We are so proud of our Rhema and her accomplishments!

PT Blueberry Sucker Big Day Feb 2015 SNAG-0001

Prayers Needed……..

All this progress is just in time as Rhema has a mini-dance recital this week!  We’ve videoed her dance class so at home we can practice the moves together.  I play the part of Mrs. Dee Dee; Rhema sits on a little bench in front of me and we watch Mrs. Roxanne (the dance teacher) on the TV.  With the Recital being only days away we are practicing twice a day.  Unfortunately,  this past weekend Rhema has developed a sniffle again with congestion and cough so she was not able to attend her class’s last practice.  We are keeping her in this week as much a possible to allow her immunity time to kick this sniffles.  She has a doctors appointment scheduled soon too so if this gets worse, we can catch it.   Please join us in praying for her to get better soon!