Viewmaster Toy Jan 2014 SNAG-0016“Movie Binoculars” is what Rhema calls the View Master….makes far too much sense!  LOL!

The last few weeks have been really hard on us all, but Rhema remains so pleasant and patient. She has had to sit still (on her bottom) for two weeks and we’ve had to monitor and entertain her 24/7.  We’ve done a good job on some days of doing this and then on other days I’ve felt like a complete failure.   But through it all, Rhema constantly amazes me!  She is so resilient!  We’ve introduced new things to her, like the View Master, and I’ve rationed all the “new” toys that I’d been collecting from consignment places for during this surgery time.  She’s got a few more Lalaloopsy’s coming too!  Oh, and I’ve got a wonderful story to share with you all about one of the Loopsy’s in particular….. More on that later!

Dress Up Dolls1 Jan 2014 SNAG-0015 SNAG-0001Rhema playing with her Christmas present–  the dress-up dolls!

I’ve still got a few more “new” toys/prizes tucked away for this second surgery coming up on Monday the 10th.  She thankfully has the second surgery spot on the schedule, so we will not have to be there so crazy early like her first one.   She will be put under, pins are removed, they will stitch up her wounds, she will be molded for her new AFOs, and then they will recast her legs for the next round of 3-4 weeks.  Our understanding is that for this second round of casts she can move more freely, but we’ve got to get some more information on all that from the surgeon.

Soooooo, one more week!  I’m going to try to make this last week a better one for the both of us.  I’ve just returned from retrieving her bigger car-seat from storage; now to get it cleaned and installed!  This car seat I think will help me get her out and give her and I both a much needed reprieve.  “Cabin Fever” does not come close to describing how I’ve been feeling.  Seriously.  I was driving to church yesterday, for the first time in forever, and it felt foreign to be behind the wheel. I knew I’d been feeling pretty miserable but did not realize until I got to church, and had some adult interaction, how bad it was.  I finally put two and two together, my extrovert personality was starved, which is why I had been feeling so lousy and on edge.  So, both for Rhema’s and my sake, we’re breaking outta’ here this week!  The rainy weather is my biggest concern, followed by how to get Rhema around with these huge casts, but a few outings are a must if we are both to make it this last week. So, I’m working on some ideas……

So, prayer requests for our week are: wisdom for me on how to get us both out of the house and safety for Rhema as we do these outings.  Also, please pray this week for Rhema’s upcoming surgery.  I’m praying that when they remove the casts there will be no signs of infection and they will be able to stitch her up and not introduce anything into her wounds.   Also, I’m praying for safety during the anesthesia; it’s always a concern of mine when they put her under for a procedure.  And as always, I’m praying for this surgery to be a HUGE success and my little girl finally to have the feet she needs!  Thank you all for your continued prayers and encouragement! It’s been a long road this surgery, but we know all of this is just the next step towards a better future for her and we know that Rhema remains in God’s hands.  Amen & Amen!