Our Super Heroes!

This was the BIG week!  Rhema’s wheelchair ramps were built!   We had a three part project and these amazing men were part of phase one.  First, we had to clear out the space where the one big ramp was going to be placed.  The awesome young men from Troop 38 came out and assisted with this huge undertaking.  They work side by side with me for almost 4 hours and we got it DONE!  If I had Super Hero capes for all of them, they would be wearing them for this picture! LOL!  Truly they are our Super Heros!  They were AMAZING!  We did a full clean sweep of the garage and storage area.

Rhema is SOOOOO blessed to have her very own band of Super Heroes who come to her rescue!  They sure rescued me (momma) as I had no idea how in the world I was going to do this project all by myself.  God is good and yes, sometimes His provision and Angels wear Scout uniforms.