Children's Lobby SB Clinic Dec 2013 SNAG-0009Parting is NEVER sweet sorrow!

As much as we love the folks at Children’s and all they do for our little girl, we are always ready to get outta there as soon as we can.  Rhema got her picture taken with the Santa in the lobby and we saw the Christmas trees and then we took off!

Clinic days are so very long, and poor Rhema had not been allowed to eat anything prior to her tests, which were at 9:30am, and then after her tests we could not leave due to Momma needing to get trained to cath.  So, it was 3:00pm and none of us had had anything to eat!  Rhema had some crackers from her snack cup and Gida had eaten some cookies from the tray that we had brought as a gift to the clinic staff and physicians, but that was it!  We were all starving and I was reeling from all the results of Rhema’s tests.  Whew!

But even with ALL that, look at the cute picture we got of Rhema with her two new friends!  Gotta love that girl!  She is amazing!  We are blessed!