Since Rhema and I have been home bound for the week we’ve been “crafty”. We made a seashell box from the shells we picked up on Rhema’s first trip to the beach.  Her first trip was back months ago when her big brother graduated from the Marines!  We only have a few shells so we plan on gluing on more and more when every time we take a trip to the beach with her.  A beach trip would be possible weekly due to her physical therapy location.  We will not go every week, but I hope to take her maybe at least once a month.   I have a picture of her at the beach that we will put into the heart frame.  She enjoyed seeing the shells and kept saying “shell! shell!” as I glued them onto her box.  After the glue cooled I gave here the box and she tried to pull them off the box; she looked so perplexed as to why she could not pick them up.  I think we will have to pick up some shells that we can keep in the box so she has some to play with. 🙂  This was a fun craft for Mama and Rhema