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Rhema was doing really well at school.  Even over these first few weeks we’ve seen some great progress and when we drive there she gets so excited.  So, it’s with a heavy heart I bring this prayer need to our precious family and friends who pray.  We’ve posted recently about having an IEP meeting and many, many of you called, text, and/or messaged us saying you were praying.  We are calling on you all once again for a school prayer need.

Let me begin by saying that all parties involved have been gracious and thankfully no tempers have flared or hurtful words spoken.  That is a huge blessing, as I’ve heard that many times trash talk and mud slinging is statuesque for conflicts with the school system.  The Lord’s hand has been on Rhema from the beginning and we trust this situation will be no different.

The situation is due to school “policy”– they are not allowing me to be a silent observer in Rhema’s classroom to ensure and maintain her safety.  Their policy is that parents are not allowed in the classroom.  That over the 8 sessions to come, in which Rhema’s need for a Para out of medical necessity/educational accessibility is determined, I’m not allowed to be there.   Our feelings and position have not changed, we feel for her safety and medical needs to be fully taken care of, she needs a Para.  So, due to the schools ultimatum, we’ve been forced to pull Rhema from school (at least for this week) until we can have another meeting with the school board and bring more documented reasons for a Para for medical necessity.  I cannot begin to tell you how heartbroken I am that Rhema cannot go to school.  I am thankful that she is too young to realize she is missing out on something she enjoys so much and that I do not have to try to explain it to her.

So, where do you, our precious family and friends who pray, come in?  Well,  we are asking you to first and foremost pray for us to have grace, mercy and wisdom and to represent our Jesus well in ALL that we do and say as we traverse this situation.  Pray that we, her parents, are able to clearly communicate with the decision makers and find/gather the resources needed to correctly educate on this medical need.  We ask you to pray for the decision makers on the school board to see the wisdom and necessity in our request.   and to place the right person with Rhema for the minimal 8 hours a week she is there in the program.  This program allows Rhema to continue with her Early Intervention of OT and PT,  as well as give wonderful socialization opportunities; not to mention the exposure to the amazing teacher who heads the program’s instruction.  It is a wonderful program, worth the blood, sweat and tears we currently find ourselves, to allow Rhema to have these wonderful opportunities.

We know the Lord’s hand is upon the situation.  I’m personally getting a lot of “opportunities” myself as of late to trust THE ONE who is trustworthy.  We appreciate and covet your prayers on this issue of Rhema’s school.  We will update next week when we get our next meeting set up and as things progress.