School 1st Time On Carpet September 2013 SNAG-0013Sitting On The Carpet For The First Time!

Rhema is adjusting well to school and for the first time, she joined her classmates on the carpet for circle time.  She did pretty well with sitting in a group and like any other kid, needs practice sitting still and paying attention.  LOL!  I’m just glad that she did well and did not immediately crawl off!

School Snack September 2013 SNAG-0001 She likes sitting with the other kids for snack time!

School Gym Ball September 2013 SNAG-0012She likes the time in the GYM where she can roam around all she wants to and this week she even held a ball that a fellow classmate offered her.  It was funny watching her try to roll her chair with one hand and hold onto the ball with the other hand.  Yes, she has much to learn about how to be mobile and play in a chair.  I’ve got to learn too as I’m learning as well how to instruct her with her new found independence.

School Asleep Way Home September 2013 SNAG-0000

It was so quiet on the drive home from school one day, I glanced back to find her out like a light!  She was soooo wore out from her day!!!  What a tired cutie pie!