1st Densist Trip Nov 2013 SNAG-0002Rhema’s First Dentist Appointment!

Rhema did so well at her first Dentist appointment!  We like to give her as much time as possible to adjust to new things so we decided to begin a little early with going to the Dentist.  Everyone was so nice to her!  This group was my dentist as I was growing up and it was wonderful to see my dentist and meet his daughter, pictured here with Rhema.  Rhema got to pick out a Princess toothbrush, got loads of stickers, a little toothpaste and a little flossing pick!  They let her see all the instruments and play with them.  Rhema even was really brave and laid back and let them look in her mouth.  I was even more shocked when they used the metal pick on her and she did not start crying; she did wiggle some, but overall she did fantastic!  We talked about what all we can do at home with her and did get our suspicions confirmed that her teeth are really jammed in there together, so later she will need some pulled possibly.  Plus we’ve got to start flossing with her to clean in between them as much as possible.  That ought to be real fun as she fights us just when we brush her teeth.  LOL!  We call it monkey time and she makes monkey noises “ee-ee-ee” when we clean the top and “ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh” when we clean the back.  She told the Dentist all about it!  LOL!  It was really cute watching her verbalize and process this new experience.