Rhema & Santa Dothan Mall2 Dec 2013 SNAG-0009Thank You Aunt Paparazzi!

This year the Santa pictures have gone AWOL!  Both sets  of pictures, in two different cities, have gone missing and all I have is these pictures that Aunt Rarah took on her phone!  Thank God for Aunt Paparazzi or we would have no Santa pictures to show for year 2013!  I keep praying that they will show up in some bag somewhere that got pushed to the side, but thus far we’ve not found them.   She “wheelied” all over the center area of the mall, chased by her Aunt Rarah, while I waited in line.  Rhema sat with Santa and did really well.   She talked about him reading her a book and one of the pictures that is lost is just that, Santa reading her a book!  I pray that I can find it as it’s a special Christmas memory for her and I both!

Rhema & Santa Dothan Mall Dec 2013 SNAG-0000 SNAG-0000