Welcome Armed Forces To Miracle League Baseball!

The Miracle League was recently blessed to have a group from the Army come and volunteer with us for Rhema’s game!  All of the Army men and women were marvelous with all the kids and seemed to enjoy the experience.  Rhema made friends with one of the gentlemen and he was sweet to retrieve a ball for her that she was able to “take in” back to the tee.

Rhema is really too young to understand the game; we call the bases “squares” and will count them as we round them together.  So, on her last hit  I got ahead of her and said, “come on to me, let’s get the last square!”  And she, all by herself, propelled partially from third base to home-plate!  Yea Rhema!  I’m looking forward to next season when she will be ready to use her walker and round the bases walking under her own power!  That will be an amazing day!!!

During Rhema’s time in the out-field she spotted the nearby play ground and started wheeling toward the “SLIDE!”.  I told her in a minute and redirected her back to watch the ball.  When the game was over she had not forgot about that slide so off we rolled toward the park!  Rhema loves to slide and swing so we always try to give opportunity for that each week.

Happy, happy, happy!!!