We said good bye to Rhema’s NICU room and checked in to a private hospital room for the final night they call “rooming-in’. This last night or two is where mom and dad get to take care of Rhema’s physical needs under the supervision of the NICU staff. They also use this time to finalize discharge paperwork, assist with scheduling follow-up visits with specialists and answer any questions that we may have with regard to Rhema’s care.

We also would like to mention this little nugget from tonight. One of the NICU nurses who has been there many years commented that (collectively) Rhema’s case was one of the worse they had ever seen. Yet she surprised them in that considering her condition, she was the fastest healing baby that they had ever seen. They anticipated her having to be there for many, many months before going home. Thank you Jesus and thank you prayer warriors!

Daddy chillin' with Rhema

Daddy chillin’ with Rhema