Rhema is pretty much back to normal compared to all that happened earlier in the week.  If you saw her, you would never know she even had an issue….  The swelling is little to speak of and she is acting fine.  She is still waking up several times at night, but I’m not sure if it’s just maybe a “baby thing” and not related to her shunt at all.  The jury is still out on that, but all I do know is she is back to her normal, cheery self.

She is pictured above in a dynamic stander that her PT loaned to us so Rhema can practice weight bearing and continue to build up her core muscles for walking.  She stands for up to an hour daily and is doing great with it!  We take the time to color and play with her using the tray attached to the stander.  Her EI said we should try to use some puzzles too; I thought it is a great idea, so I’ve got to get them in her room and bring them to the stander area.

The other cool thing is she is getting more and more used to moving the wheels on the stander.  Most standers are not dynamic i.e. they have no wheels, but this one does and I love it that she is getting exposed to moving herself with wheels at such an early age.  This is a great early trainer for her wheel chair that she will be using on occasion later on.  Our prayer is that she not be wheelchair dependent, which is why we are working so hard at PT, hippo therapy, etc…, but we do realize that for some activities she may need to be in a wheelchair.

We are so proud of her that she is doing well with being strapped in to this device and does not tire out very quickly.  We are beginning to understand that the stander is really a precursor to the gait trainer, meaning that for her to have the stamina for a gait trainer, she must have the muscles to be able to stand and move.  This makes sense more and more to me and I’m learning what her specific needs are and what steps she needs to be successful.  It’s a learning curve for sure, but we’re getting there.  Even a few months ago I’d never heard of either of these two devices, so at least we’re on the right track. 🙂

Thank you all for your continued prayers for Rhema and for our family.  She is such an amazing child and we want to use wisdom in all we do with her.  Your prayers are instrumental and much needed as we walk this road with our girl.  Blessing to you all, our sweet friends and family who pray…..