Rockers at Cracker Barrel Sept 2014 SNAG-0004Rocking It Out!

Rhema’s little cousin loves Cracker Barrel so we come here often.  Rhema LOVES the rockers out front and will rock for eternity if we’d let her.  She tells everyone to sit down and rock; most times she wants to rock in several rockers before she leaves.  LOL!  I love that we are near family again where Rhema can visit often with family members and enjoy herself.  It brings such joy to my heart to see Rhema just enjoying life.

Over the last two weeks we’ve experienced too much loss;  one family member went home to be with Jesus and two children that we’ve been praying for– one battling cancer and the other battling another disease.  I’ve especially held Rhema tight these past few nights at bedtime and with a tearful heart prayed for the families who’s babies are in Heaven.  I’ve prayed for my own family: for my mom who has lost her sister and for my grandmother who’s daughter is with Jesus now.  I’m thankful for each second I have with my girl….. with my family……. I challenge you who read this to give an extra hug to someone you care about.  Life is just so fleeting; it’s just too precious to hold on to petty things that divide us.  Just as thought as I head to get Rhema ready for dinner tonight.  So, hugs to you all— I’m thankful for you too!