PC Aunt Rarah & Rhema July 2014 SNAG-0007

Ya’ll, just let me begin this post by proclaiming God is Good!  You’ve all read about our rough start to Rhema’s two week Aquatic Therapy class but here are some details I’ve not yet shared.  While Rhema swam the two hours with Papa and all the family, Momma was chilling with Aunt Heather nearby under a canopy.  Now, at this point we were still struggling with getting accommodations set up so Rhema could attend the Aquatic program and momma did not have to drive her 4 hours round trip each day.  We already knew that she would only be able to attend 4 out of the 8 days, but even for those days we did not want to have to do the back and forth, adding more miles on our aged Van.  So, while talking with Aunt Heather we found out that two days had become available in their Condo and it was the exact two days we needed!  I am eternally grateful for their kindness in sharing the space with myself and Rhema.

I was really beginning to worry if Rhema would even be able to attend the Aquatic Therapy Program this year at all; honestly I’d kind of crossed over into worry and was stressed about it.  My heart is for every opportunity that Rhema has to experience fun, socialization with her peers, plus have some well needed therapy– we must do it!  However, financially it’s just too much to have to pay the most highest prices of the year in order to do it and also if I chose to drive her back and forth (and fore-go the expensive hotel rates) the added wear and tear on my Van, plus the gas required, was all just too high of a price to pay.  So, I had all but given up on the idea this year and felt very much like I was letting Rhema down.  But sitting under that canopy with Aunt Heather and hearing that the extra room had just become available just a few hours prior, I realized that the Lord was working it out!  Oh, when will I ever learn to just remain in a place of rest and not get off into worry?  I felt like a wight was lifted off my shoulders and was elated that Rhema was going to once more be able to participate in this much needed intensive therapy time.  As an added bonus, Rhema had such fun being with Uncle Mike, Aunt Heather, Lydia and Andrew, plus Aunt Rarah was there too!  Yes, when the Lord blesses He does it with a cherry-on-top!  LOL!

An additional blessing happened on the first night we stayed with Uncle Mike and Aunt Heather!  They wanted to go to the Wonder Works house with their kids and then out to dinner with everyone.  I did not think Rhema would like all the noise and lights so I told them we’d be fine to wait in the lobby and let Rhema roll around.  The lobby was huge and Rhema rolled all over the place, played the piano that was there and we even bought some jelly beans to share.  It was so cute that she would say what color she would like to taste and a few times she even picked one out herself out of the cup!  WOW!  She never picks anything herself, so this was a huge!  Yea Rhema!  We sat there for about 40 minutes and then this precious manager came over to us and asked were we waiting for someone.  I explained that our family was inside but Rhema, with her sensory issues, typically did not do well so we did not want to waste a ticket and have to leave.  He then very sweetly offered to just let me go in free and let Rhema roll around to see how she would handle it.  He took us up a back elevator and told us where the “bubbles” area was and said that if Rhema liked it, to just let her roll around wherever she would like.  I was so touched by his generosity and kindness!  I gave him Rhema’s blog and I pray that he gets to read about Rhema’s journey and read about how grateful we were for his gift to our girl!  Join us and say a prayer of blessing over him!

PC Wonder Works Rocket TV Rhema July 2014 SNAG-0014Outer Space!

Now, on some floors as the elevator opened the noise level was too much, Rhema would not even get off the elevator.  We went up to the 4th floor and it was not too loud so Rhema rolled off and what did we find????  ROCKETS!!!  Oh, now, Rhema loves outer space, rockets, the moon, etc…..  It was a whole wing of just those things!  Rhema was in heaven!  She and I played the space computer game and saw all kinds of historic footage of rockets taking off, moon walk footage, folks in space suits…. it was awesome!

PC Wonder Works Rocket Ship Rhema July 2014 SNAG-0017Rocket Rhema!

After a while, Rhema let me take her out of her wheelie and she sat in the rockets!  I was so proud of her bravery!  She was still tentative, but she did it without a fuss and after I’d strap her back  into her wheelie she would get really excited about sitting in the rockets.

PC Wonder Works Rocket Yellow Rhema July 2014 SNAG-0013Being So Brave!

PC Wonder Works Rocket Ship2 Rhema July 2014 SNAG-0016

Now her favorite thing was a space suit with a helmet.  It was built in such a way that you had to climb this little ladder up into it and then stick your head into the helmet.  Rhema obviously could not climb the ladder and I showed it to her and said I could hold her up into it, but that’s where her bravery stopped.  LOL!  She would have none of it.  However, she wanted momma to do it like 100 times!  So, yes, that is momma the astronaut smiling down at my girl!  Each time I’d climb it, Rhema would smile and wave at me so excitedly!  It was hilarious!  So yes, I guess now I’m a Rocket Momma with a Rocket Rhema!  Good times for all!

PC Wonder Works Space Suit Momma2 July 2014 SNAG-0011