Rhema is up and smiling this morning. She has dubbed her casts as her “robot legs” so we are just following her lead. It’s quite funny but if this is how she wants to process this experience we will play along. She loves robots so we are happy she has chosen a positive way to describe what’s happening to her.

She was a little finicky with her breakfast but she finally settled on some hash towns, peanut butter and jelly sandwich and some veggie sticks. We are keeping a close eye on one of her feet as it’s been swollen and puffy. If it does not go down we will call her doctor before leaving town. We’ve been real diligent with keeping them above her heart as much as we can so I’m not sure how much more what else we can do.

The skin on her spine is very thin from the spina bifida and her back closure.
The hospital gave us a pad to stick to her spine to help cushion the pressure on it due to having to raise her legs so high up. We have a long drive home so please pray that her spine does not have too much pressure and that her feet do not swell. Thank you all for your continued prayers!!!!