What A Silly Face!

Rhema was very animated on her recent ride with Butterfly Kisses.  She rocked back and forth, drummed her hands on the horse’s back while she rode backwards, and even began making silly, funny faces at me!  Really, Rhema is becoming more and more outgoing and talkative each day; I love to see her little personality emerging!  Now, if we could only get her to talk while riding the horse— that would be a HUGE step.  She will not talk but a few words while she is riding and often will zone out and not respond when her therapist talks to her.  My only theory is that maybe the constant vestibular movement of the horse, combined with the constant vestibular input of wearing a helmet, may just be too much vestibular input for her.  Plus, it requires 3 people for each lesson and they are always talking to each other and to me while I trail along with them.  Rhema’s silence while she rides is still a mystery, but on this specific day, she was very animated and fun to watch with all her silly faces!