How Beautiful Is This?!!!

Rhema’s “window to the world” is off to an amazing start!  Yes, just image, only a month ago she had slept in a closet for over a year with no window, but now she has this huge window overlooking the whole property!!!  What an upgrade!!!  God is good!

Well, outside her window to the word is a small tree and in that tree is a nest!  Yep, here are the two eggs of a beautiful Cardinal couple!  We were so very egg-cited to show Rhema this picture and show her the nest!  LOL!  I am such a bird lover, especially backyard birds, so I think momma is infinity more excited than Rhema.  However, how cools is that, that Rhema will get to see these baby birds hatch, get fed and leave the nest?!  I’m so very excited!  Yes, you all will be bombarded with pictures of this process if I’m lucky enough to get pictures.  Who knew Rhema’s window to the world would be so much fun for our whole family!  Yep, we are one happy, happy, happy, BLESSED little family!!!