On  The Way To Seating Clinic….

Rhema has had a big week!  We’ve been anxiously awaiting Rhema’s seating clinic and have been very excited about what the Lord has done for our girl this week!  Momma cannot stop smiling from ear to ear and doing happy dances of Praise for all that has transpired this week!  After you read this post, don’t worry, you will be dancing right along with us as you hear the Goodness of our God unfold before your eyes….For those who don’t know, a “seating clinic” is where Rhema gets fitted for her wheelchair.  We’ve worked hard to prepare her for the clinic and the concept of moving about in a chair that she can move herself.  My mom found this tiny toy wheelchair and we’ve been putting her dolls in it and showing her how they can move the chair with their hands to move about.  We calling it a “wheely” and it’s so cute to hear her say it.  We are also calling it her “helper chair” to tie in the same concept of her “helper shoes” that help her with mobility.

But, hold on, let me back up to the beginning of the week to illustrate just how awesome the Lord weaves things together.  We arrived at Rhema’s PT and Dance Therapy class to find out that one of the helpers back stage at Rhema’s dance recital was a DME provider for medical supplies.  This lady was wonderful with Rhema during Rhema’s recital and we discovered she worked at Rhema’s therapy clinic many years ago, that she continues to work every year with the annual Dance Therapy Recital.  Rhema’s therapist mentioned to her that Rhema was headed for her “seating clinic” this week and the DME lady was very excited to see how she could help.  It had been a while since she’d worked our town’s specific clinic, but she said that if she was still an approved vendor that she would love to work personally with Rhema to help get her whatever she needed.  We drove to her office after Rhema’s therapy ended and met with her  to talk about Rhema’s specific needs and got to see their offices.  We really liked her and felt confident about wanting her to be our DME.  Another exciting factor in this mix is that her office is only a few blocks from Rhema’s PT, that we travel to every week, so any adjustments or repair work needed on the chair would be easy due to the close proximity of her office.  Our town’s clinic recommended DME is much further away and we never travel to that town, so that would be difficult to work with just due to their location.  So, we left our meeting with her praying that her company was still approved for our clinic and that all would work out.  After several phone calls, we found out that she could be our DME and she would drive up to our clinic (70 miles away) just to come and fit Rhema during her clinic time!  WOW!  We could not be more excited!  God is so good!

Rhema had her time at the seating clinic and did wonderful!  She sat so very still while they measured her all over and waited so patiently while Momma answered a bazillion questions for all the paperwork.  The DME lady drove up just for Rhema and was headed back to her office after we left; she is so precious to make that trip for our girl!

Rhema will have to wait until March to get her wheelchair; we hope to have it in time for her first T-ball game!  It will be pink, of course, and will be a tiny chair that will put her at eye level with her peers so she can relate to little friends her age.  The chair will grow with her for up to 5 years and we are excited at her having some independence and being able to self-propel.  We hope she learns to get into some mischief with this and I look forward to chasing her around after church when she wants to stay and play with her friends. LOL!

We are not loosing sight of the our goal, however, that Rhema’s primary mode of mobility be walking.  She has SO MUCH strength in her legs and torso everyone feels she will be able to walk with minimal assistance after she gets more weight bearing stamina and better positioned feet after her surgery in the fall of this year.   Rhema’s chair will be just another tool for her to help budget her daily energy and mobility goals and to live life to the utmost.

Here is the last bit of wonderful, feet dancing, praisein’ GOD, good news of the week— we now have an age appropriate, safe pediatric stroller!  We’ve LOVED Rhema’s pink painted, ottobock stroller that we refurbished for her earlier this year, however it’s become more and more unsafe for her the bigger she has grown.  The seat padding was ripped up and we replaced it, but with the padding we had it did not have a contoured lip that helped to hold Rhema in the seat so she is constantly sliding out off of her chair.  Also, she is MUCH stronger now and the tiny seat belt on it was not holding her in place well and loosens over time as she wiggles forward while we are pushing her.  I’m constantly worried that she will pitch forward out of the seat.  So, we were looking so forward to this seating clinic because we thought that we could get a stroller for her that would be much safer than what we have.  However, the day before the clinic we were told that a stroller would not be possible and our wait would still be March before we could get her wheelchair.  I was so upset because it’s becoming increasingly difficult to carry Rhema everywhere and I have really nothing safe to transport her in.  I started to think of places I could call to borrow or find a safe, second hand pediatric stroller to help get us through until we could get her chair in a few months, but I decided to just get through the seating clinic and then focus on all that later.  When we arrived at clinic the clinicians strapped Rhema into a very nice, used pediatric stroller so she could sit while we did all the paperwork for her wheelchair.  The clinic took about an hour or so and when all was done I began collecting Rhema’s toys, sippy cup, my papers and getting Rhema’s jacket to put on her for our ride home.  It was then our new, sweet DME lady and the assisting OT therapist turned to me smiling and said, “oh, and don’t worry about taking Rhema out of that pediatric stroller, it’s yours to take home with you!”  Ya’ll – – –  I cried!  I was sooo surprised and instantly thankful!  They said that the stroller had just been donated to the clinic and they had set aside just for Rhema!  Are you dancing yet?  God is so good!  I am one BLESSED Momma and I have one very BLESSED little Rhema!

So, this has been a wonderful week for our little family: our little girl is moving toward having more mobility via her wheelchair, we’ve gain a new friend in our God-sent DME provider, and Momma’s back will maybe hurt less in the near future due to having a God-sent pediatric stroller!  But more than all the provisions given this week, this Momma feels the nearness of her Father God’s hand and my spirit is soaring seeing my little girl need’s being taken care of in such supernatural ways.  So, I close this very long post with my eyes filled with tears, my hands lifted toward Heaven, with a heart overflowing with thankfulness I say to my Daddy King, to my Abba Father —thank you for Your hand of provision for my Rhema!

Now….let’s dance!