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Wow, what can I say about this wonderful opportunity afforded to our little family?  God is Good….  We are humbled, honored and doing our usual happy dance of praise to be able to share Rhema’s journey with so many new friends.  Jimmy and Whitney, you both outdid yourselves with this article and video!  We enjoyed every minute of our time with you during the interview, filming and on-site filming of Rhema’s therapy!  You both are precious folks and we count you as friends.

God is so amazing! …. Yep, He is amazing, because I’m speechless…. LOL!  I’m never speechless…..I’m sitting her and do not know how to articulate how I feel about his amazing honor to share my little girl’s story with such a large audience…..

I guess I will just say that we have prayerfully waited for this edition of the Eagle with one thought in mind–we want it to be an encouragement to those who read it.  We desire for folks to hear Rhema’s story, be encouraged and at the same time hear “the source” of why we are still standing strong–JESUS.  I cannot state it enough!  Daily Jesus is our Source, our Strength, our Provider, our Anchor, our Peace, etc………  In America today He may not be too popular, but He is in our home and in our hearts.

Well, it looks like I found my words…LOL!…. well, I will sign off now as Rhema needs her bath, followed by wound care for the little boo-boo on her heel.  To quote a dear friend of ours, Jennifer Kelly (who also has a miracle child named Joy), WE ARE BLESSED!