The Installation of a Miracle!

Folks, today I wanted to share with you a recent MIRACLE that happened for our Rhema.  September has been approaching rapidly so we’ve been working hard to get everything ready for Rhema’s surgery.  Her new room is upstairs and it’s increasingly becoming more and more difficult to carry her up and down the stairs as she grows.  Plus, with both her legs being casted soon for 2 months, this will only make things that more difficult.  Several months ago I began to look for funding to put in a stair lift for her so she can safely go up and down the stairs.  I felt it was a long shot, but one never knows, so I began searching to see if this was possible at all.  The Lord let me to a group in Florida that takes in used medical equipment.  I spoke to one of their representatives just seeking to seek if he knew of some Florida charities that might help fund or partially fund a stair lift.  Much to my surprise he said that a used stair lift had just been donated a few weeks prior and he had no room for it in his storage unit.  Now I had done my homework and knew that stair lifts are costumed fitted for each stair case and the likely-hood of this second hand lift fitting our stair case was slim, however as I listened to him describe it, I began to get excited.  When he finished talking about it’s specs, the hairs on my neck were standing upright and I had tears in my eyes.  He had just described our staircase down to the letter!  I thought, “oh my God! Is this Your provision for Rhema?!”  My heart was soaring!  Really, God, you’ve provided a stair lift?!

We quickly made arrangements to drive down to see it.  But not before checking with our friend, Jon who runs the “Real Project” who runs a similar medical equipment place in our local area.  I called Jon and asked him was there any specific medical equipment that he needed and got a list from him.  We figured that since we were taking a trailer down to potentially bring back this lift that we would have room to bring back more equipment that would also be a blessing other folks in our area.  The man in Florida agreed and said that yes, there were some items that he would let us bring back up to Alabama to bless The Real Project.  When we arrived we not only found that the stair lift for Rhema was perfect, but the precious gentleman gave us a truck and trailer full of equipment to bring back to Jon!  God always blesses in abundance and our heart is to always be a blessing to others!  It was a win-win of a day!

Folks, our God is awesome!  On days when things are hard and the journey feels long I encourage myself in the Lord by remembering what He has done for us!  The miracle of the stair lift is just one of many I look to when things look hopeless or I am tempted to fall into worry.  This is a Biblical practice we see modeled for us in the Word and we wanted to testify of this wonderful miracle the Lord has done for our daughter!

Here is Rhema riding in her “Robot Chair”; we decorated it with robot stickers (she loves robots) .  It took a few weeks before she was brave enough to ride it, but now she just sits like a big girl and rides up and down as much as she wants to her room!  It is amazing and we are so thankful for it!

One more funny picture of our Rhema and her Robot Chair!  Yep, that’s our little Princess asleep and headed up to her room via her Robot Chair!  LOL!

Yes, just a little visual reminder to mommy to “rest in the Lord… He will provide”!  LOL!  Amen! That will preach, let me tell ya…!