26 Days & Counting!

Folks, we’ve got 26 days until Rhema’s BIG surgery on SEPTEMBER 10th!

I was in prayer the other day over the surgery; talking to the Lord about my concerns and praying for peace…while I was praying I was given a great idea!  As you know we are always looking for ways to be a blessing, even when things are hard, so we’ve decided…..

To Do A STICKER DRIVE: “Stickers for Smiles”  For Children’s Hospital!

Here is how it will work and here is where all ya’ll come in…

1-send a get-well card to Rhema to The Rhema Miracle P. O. Box 5702 Dothan, Al 36302 

2- include in the card a pack (or packs) of stickers.

On September 10th, we will open & display all the cards in Rhema’s room to help cheer her while she recovers from her surgery and then all the sticker packs we will donate to Children’s Hospital in honor of Rhema.  It will be so exciting to see where all the cards come from and Rhema will love seeing all the colorful cards on her hospital walls while she recovers!

If you have a church, youth group, civic group, etc… that even would like to participate and collect stickers and send a box or large envelop–we’d love that too!  Go nuts!  Have fun!  We will be doing some sticker drives here locally too!  Rhema loves stickers herself and I know that all the stickers we collect to donate will only serve to put smiles on the faces of many, many little ones!

Thanks ya’ll in advance for your participation!  We look forward in the next 26 days to giving updates on where all the cards come from and the count of how many envelops and packages we’ve received!  Remember, we all can “Be The Miracle” to a child in need— and yes, putting a smile on the face of a child, during a hospital stay,  is A MIRACLE!


Rhema’s Momma