Whoooa– I’ve been a good girl!

I bought a doll house for Rhema before she was born.  Ha ha ha!  Yep, I’m that kind of momma who plans way ahead. But her being born with Spina Bifida and having mobility challenges.  Rhema has just gotten old enough to be interested in a doll house so I got out the one I bought for her this past week.  It was beautiful, perfectly sized for her to high kneel at, but when she leaned on it to help balance her it almost crumbled.  I was playing with her and thought, yep, this is one of those things that you’d never think of until you have a little princess with mobility challenges.  Rhema needed a more sturdy, wooden doll house that when she leaned on it out of fatigue it would hold her weight.  So, momma got to work and began looking at wooden doll houses.  YIKES!  The prices were astronomical!

Over the last few years I’ve learned to navigate thrift stores and consignment places to get the items we’ve needed.  So, I went to work looking all over and online and the Lord provided once again!!!  I bought this huge, sturdy, wooden doll house for Rhema for $25 out of a thrift add!  It has some minor damage and some furniture missing, but all-in-all it is perfect!  Plus it came with about 8 dolls that I was able to clean up and Rhema can play with!  Hallelujah, Praise the Lord who provides ALL our needs for our little Princess!  It is large enough it can grow with her and plus when she has playmates over they can easily play together!  She has pulled up at it and leaned on it and it has not budged!  God is Good!  We are Blessed!