Rhema finally got off her IV and other monitors and she LOVED sitting at the window watching all the traffic below. Window sitting is her favorite thing to do and she’s not been able to b/c of all the cords. We’re packing up and headed home! Praise God! Take a moment where ever you are right now to do a happy dance of Praise along with us…… They are sending us home with meds and instructions to watch her closely. If she gets worse we are to bring her back next week to clinic or sooner if it’s an emergency. Everyone was so nice, but we told them that we hoped to never see them again even though they were lovely to us. Thank you ALL sooo much for your prayers and encouragements. Please keep your prayers coming as I’m nervouse how she will do on the ride home and tonight. Blessings to you all, dear friends and family who pray, blessings!