Rhema's 1st Snow1 Dothan Jan 2014 SNAG-0002Love At First Sight!

Rhema was so excited with the snow on her gloves!  Daddy held Rhema up near the trunk of the car and she was able to reach the snow easily.  They made a snowball and threw it at momma; Rhema giggled so much at momma’s funny protest over getting hit with snow!  We were only able to stay out for a few minutes as we had to hold her, with those heavy casts, the entire time.  We headed back in to give her some breakfast and then are working on an idea to how to get her out into the snow without us having to hold her.

We were so blessed not to lose power last night!  We had several limbs fall and take out power lines to the street light around the house, but it did not get the main power lines going into the house!  Praise God!  We so prayed for protection, last night before going to sleep,  for our house, our family’s houses, our church family’s houses and our friend’s houses.  I’ve not heard from anyone, but we continue to pray for our area folks to be safe and warm during this VERY unusual occurrence of snow and ice in the Wiregrass.  Be safe today, ya’ll and have fun in the snow we have!  We will post more pictures of Rhema later today!

PS. Oh, and take a look at my folk’s frozen fountain behind Rhema!  It is so beautiful covered in ice!

Rhema's 1st Snow2 Dothan Jan 2014 SNAG-0001 SNAG-0000