Rhema and I follow several children’s stories on Facebook and the internet so we can pray for them.  It all began when Rhema’s Momma Bear from the Lindsay Foundation gave me two Facebook sights (Mommies of Miracles &  Mommas Little Blessings) that she thought would help me find resources for Rhema and have support for me as a mom with a special need’s child.  I cannot explain how much these two pages have meant to me as a new mom and how much I’ve gleaned from the posts and resources.

We’ve since branched out and found many new pages, resources, sites, etc… that have also been very helpful to our little family.  In the process of my never ending searches to learn how to better take care of my precious girl, I’ve met some amazing folks on the way.  I’ve prayed and cried with the mom’s I’ve met.  I’ve mourned the passing of many of their children and have offered scriptures, encouragement and prayers for these families.

One of the kid’s we keep tabs on and prayers going up for is Thomas Lobb of Arkansas.  He is waiting for a heart.  His mom put on their site that they are asking folks to send postcards to Thomas in the hospital so that he can see all the places he might want to visit once he get’s his heart and can be released from the hospital.  They will tape them up in his room and hope to cover the walls with them.

I’ve read many things on these sites, but have never sent anything before.  Rhema has PT weekly in Florida and as I was driving back home last week it was so sunny, beautiful and we had such a nice, quick time out on the breezy beach.  (I take Rhema see the beach weekly after PT; I’ve not taken her out onto the beach but once for only 5 minutes as it would take much help to get her physically onto the beach, let her play and keep her safe.) Anyway, I digress….  As I was driving home I thought of Thomas in the hospital.  So, we pulled over and got two postcards from Florida to send to him from Rhema.  One from the town where her PT is located and the second one had two dolphins leaping from the water; Thomas has a twin brother and it reminding me of them when I saw it. So, I showed them to Rhema, we wrote a quick note to Thomas, said a short prayer for Thomas and dropped them into the mail box.

Rhema has been so richly blessed with folks who love, support and pray for her we wanted to begin doing some outreach and bless others in a tangible way.  We are very excited about beginning Rhema’s Outreach at such an early age!  This is just the beginning, keep an eye out to meet some more of Rhema’s friends that we pray for!