Praise the Lord It’s Here!!!

Rhema got her first wheelchair last week!  We are missing some parts for it and some of it will have to be tweaked, but it’s here and we are very excited!  Mr. James was very sweet while fitting it to her and Rhema very quickly demonstrated she knew how to wheel herself around.  She still cannot break or turn, but she has the forward and backward down pat!

Her first outing to a store was to Pet Smart to get some new little fishies for her little second-hand tank that Momma bought.  The tank came with 4 fish, rocks and a built in pump.  We’d learned that Pet Smart had the fish we needed for .50 cent and $1, so we figured we could make it a fun, inexpensive outing for us all and go get some new fishy friends!

While we were there, we learned that along with the new wheels came a new attitude of “I can go where I want to go” and we found it challenging to keep her in one place.  If she wanted to go so would push the wheels so hard and if she was not ready to go she would grip the wheels tightly and make it difficult to move.  WOW!  She was not rude, just very adamant in what she wanted to do.  LOL!  Oh, an to add to this stressful situation she broke a small fish tank.  Yep, broke it into a hundred pieces by pulling it off the shelf before we could reach it!  The folks at Pet Smart were so very nice and did not charge us; we felt so bad and offered several times to pay, but they kindly refused.  So, this is a whole new world for all of us!  A child that, when in public, is now mobile and able to reach things and go get things!!!  This is not something we are used to!!!  It will be a learning curve for sure and hopefully not one filled with a trail of broken pieces of stuff as we adjust.