Children's Radioathon Rhema with Mic feb 2015 SNAG-0017 SNAG-0000

Rhema stole the show when we went to our on-air radio interview for the Children’s Miracle Network Radioathon.  Now, she will not talk on the radio yet, but she rolled all over the place and smiled at everyone, being her cuteie-pie self.  LOL!  I’m hoping next year she will talk some or we can at least record her talking so folks can hear her beautiful, little voice.

Children's Radioathon Rhema with Mic and Gida 2015 SNAG-0022 SNAG-0001Gida on the Mic!

Rhema loved pretend interview folks, but when we would try to get her to say something she would just hide.  Silly Rhema!

Children's Radioathon Rhema and David Feb 2015 SNAG-0019Mr. David

Rhema did pose with our interviewer, Mr. David, after momma got off the air.  This is the second year our family has been honored to participate in this wonderful radioathon for our Children’s.  Each year I am amazed at all the work that goes into the event and what a marvelous job the radio folks do!  It is truly a wonderful thing to watch the heart and soul that goes into this event!  We here at the Rhema Miracle (Family & Friend) are proud support our amazing Children’s Hospital!