Rhema rested well at our favorite hotel with our hotel friends!  Mamma & Rhema enjoyed several hours on the porch watching the clouds, talking about things and listening to the new Bethel album.  Rhema’s favorite song is “Abba” on the album; such a precious song about our “Daddy-God” who loves us so much.


Rhema’s service/ESA doggie, Pom Pom, has been hugely helpful in her recovery.  Pom Pom herself is recovering from a fractured foot that happened only 48 hours before Rhema’s surgery.  So Pom Pom has a little wrap on her leg and Rhema keeps saying we need to make it pink to match hers.  LOL!


Rhema rode home wonderfully and we were able to keep the ice wraps on her feet even for the drive.  She ate her lunch and watched movies the entire way.


We’ve set up a space for her in the schoolroom where she can eat, play, do school and watch movies.  Rhema slept almost through the night on her first night back in her bed.  She only woke up once and was easily settled back down to rest.

Daddy and Mamma still feel physically drained, which is pretty much the norm post surgery.  We are learning how to move her in-team to help protect our backs and we’ve got a few more scenarios to work out for her care over the next two months.  We are only four days in so I think we are doing pretty well.  Now is when I, mamma, tend to process all of the events of the past week so it’s pretty emotional for me.  Plus, my body just hurts and is showing the tension from the last week.  We all really just need rest and quiet so other than a brief outing tomorrow we will be home and resting.

Update on the surgeon:  we’ve finally got up with the nurse and she is emailing him (he’s in Chicago) about out questions concerning the “alternate plan” surrounding her right foot.  Our big question is that IF the foot is not like it needs to be, will he do another surgery on her foot in 2 weeks?   We hope to hear back from them on Monday or Tuesday to give us a better picture of what’s on his radar for her care.

Thank you again for all the prayers, guys.  Rhema is really doing great and we just need time to let our bodies feel better.