Rhema met a new urologist today and she did really well!  Her ultrasound showed no signs of issues with her colon or with her kidneys or bladder.  He explained in detail the things they look for internally that signal issues with her internal organs and he saw NOTHING that showed retention of urine or feces.  Praise God!

This is great news as apparently many times children with Rhema’s severity have issues with lazy internal muscles and retention of fluids.  She is however, still showing signs of weak muscles externally which raising the issue of continence but as we’ve been told many times it’s too early to tell what control she will have.  We pray daily with every diaper we change (which there are many ☺) for complete restoration of muscles and correct brain/nerve sensation.  So, join with us on lifting that need to our Lord.   

Thank you ALL for your continued prayer for our precious Rhema!  We are walking this journey out daily and continue to move forward in faith in each area that Rhema must walk through.  Your prayers are very needed and are much appreciated!