Our Patriotic Princess

We pause today to remember those who have given ALL for the freedoms we enjoy.  Rhema’s big brother, Steven, is currently serving in Afghanistan with his fellow Marines.  We are very proud of our son and his service.  Daily we pray for his safety and for the protection of all our brave men and women in the military.

Earlier today I saw this sign and felt like it really spoke to what Memorial Day means to me personally.  Even yesterday at church, as I worshiped with Rhema in my arms, I felt like on THIS day we should also REMEMBER Who else also gave His ultimate ALL.  Jesus, my Savior, gave ALL for us— for YOU, dear reader of this post.  So, yes, we pause today to remember and be thankful for the men and women who ultimately gave their lives for us– but what about the Man who gave His ALL for ALL mankind?  Yes, we celebrate Him on other “holidays” but I think it’s perfectly applicable to remember His sacrifice today as well.  And THAT sacrifice has eternal implications, eternal impact and eternal freedoms.  I am so thankful to our fallen men and women in uniform, but I am eternally thankful to my Savior Jesus, who saw me and loved me “just as I am” and died for me anyway.  With all my faults.   With all my past, present and future fails, wrongs, imperfections, guilt, deficiencies–dare I say the word— sin.  Jesus look at my unloveliness and called me His Love–someone worth dying for.  Amazing love! Amazing Grace! That saved a wretch like me…..

Today we remember ALL of the ones who have died to SET US FREE.