Rest In Peace Mr Poland & Praise The Lord Ethan’s Safe

Rhema, Momma & Gida attended the Celebration at Miracle Park this week to celebrate Ethan’s safe return & to remember and honor Mr. Poland’s sacrifice.  It was so rainy, windy and the temperature had dropped, but we went to show support for our community.  Rhema was bundled up and enjoyed seeing the balloons and hearing the Friend’s Choir sing.  The young lady pictured above, kneeling near Rhema, is a friend and will be Rhema’s buddy for the Miracle League this year. Mr. Poland’s family was present and it was an honor to be a part of the crowd who came to pay their respects and show support of such a wonderful man who gave his life for all those children.  The ceremony was lovely and well done; everyone received two balloons (white for Mr. Poland & blue for Ethan) to release and American flags to wave during the ceremony. Our prayers continue for the Poland family and for young Ethan’s road to recovery from this horrific event.