Tomorrow We See Mr. Bill!

Rhema was all smiles with her doll house furniture I picked up for her at a local thrift shop.  She played so sweetly on the hotel bed while I got her bed ready and got settled in to the room.  I told her we were seeing Mr. Bill the next day and she was all smiles!

Here she is sleeping on her little bed right next to mine!  All the pillows on the wall is to help protect her head and she moves around quite a bit when she sleeps and will hit her head on the wall if I do not pad it. LOL!

Bill was amazing and got her twister cables all adjusted and also replaced the strapping on the the set she wears 24/7.  We should be good all the way up to her surgery in September now!  Whew!  I pray this is our last trip to see Bill until we have to see him in November when she is casted for her new braces after her surgery.  That is the goal! 🙂