Ready for Snow1 Jan 2014 SNAG-0000So Excited!

We stayed up so late last night hoping to show Rhema some snow, but all we had was sleet all night.  Rhema and momma slept pretty late today, all snuggled together, toasty warm.  Daddy came and got us up with the announcement, “there’s snow!”  Oh my goodness, I was so excited for Rhema to see it!  We took her to her room and pulled back the curtains and there it was, SNOW!  She got so excited and became increasingly excited as we ran gathering her coat, some gloves and something to cover her casts.  Nothing fits over these HUGE casts so, we stretched out a pair of momma’s fuzzy socks, and viola, something that will stay on and are thick enough to keep her piggy’s warm!

Ready for Snow2 Jan 2014 SNAG-0003Friendly Faces Gloves!

All of Rhema’s gloves are in the van because she wears them rolling her wheelie, but I had this special pair set aside in her room.  I bought them at a consignment place last year and they were too big.  On each of the fingers there is a Sesame Street character!  Rhema loved them!!!  I’m excited that her first time wearing such a fun pair of gloves is also her first fun time of seeing snow!  Yea Rhema!