Rarah & Rhema NC Trip2 Oct 2014 SNAG-0004Rhema’s Rarah!

We had such a lovely visit with Aunt Rarah!  Rhema abosolutely LOVED that her “night-night house” (hotel) had a church attached to it!  We stayed at the Morningstar Conference Center Hotel and it was so wonderful!  Rhema loved the glass elevators, the paintings & artwork, rolling around church and down into the Main Street area.  Morningstar is a wonderful church and it was so amazing to be there among such nice folks.  Everyone was all a buzz getting ready for the Harvest Conference; I hope to one day to get to attend it myself.

Rhema At Morningstar Oct 2014 SNAG-0005Sitting Still For A Quick Picture With Her Pumpkin Buddy!

This is the Main Street area inside the conference center.  Rhema rolled herself all over this area and loved looking at everything!  Rarah has just began a new position at work, so her time was limited.  All in all, we really did get to visit with her more than I thought we would and we even had time to so see her new place she’s moved into.  Rhema loved her time with her Aunt Rarah and even after we’d move on to other “night night houses” Rhema would wake up every morning and ask to go to the glass elevators.  LOL!  I guess she thinks that all hotels should have glass elevators! LOL!

Rarah & Rhema NC Trip Oct 2014 SNAG-0003Also, there were pictures of the late Bob Jones on many posters in the conference center which Rhema talked a lot about.  We talked to her about him, that he is with Jesus now and that Jesus loves him very much.  It’s almost been a week as I write this and Rhema still talks about the glass elevators and Mr. Bob Jones.  Apparently, Rhema and Bob Jones have a connection; that makes me smile when I think about that.  He was such a wonderful man of God; as the church, we lost a lot when he went on to be with Jesus. Oh, and another wonderful thing was that Rhema was able to have some time in prophetic teams while at the church.  The teams we were in had young boys and girls ranging from 6th grade up to seniors.  It was a wonderful time of encouragement and wonderful exposure for Rhema; it is such a blessing to think that Rhema will not grow up thinking she has any limitations in the Spirit.  Rhema will be exposed to the truth of who she is in Christ and what she can do in the Spirit no matter her age or physical limitations.  I love that!  What a wonderful visit!