Rhema and I shopped yesterday for a few more decorations for her Birthday. Rhema is 4 years old TODAY!!! I will do a formal post later today with Birthday pictures.

But as I sit here, letting my hair dry as I get ready to go finish decorating, I am thinking about this time four years ago. I was thinking about that too last night as I put her to bed; I was just checking in to the hospital at midnight the night before the 9th. We were so oblivious to the life changing events that were about to unfold. A baby changes everything, yes, but having a child with special needs multiplies that by infinity. How different I am today as I was four years ago at this time. In some ways there are negatives: I’m in the worst shape physically in my lifetime, everything turned upside down and we’ve had such financial and material loss. Nevertheless, as I sit here (needing to get ready) after four years I can say, those “things” mean less and less to me. Yes, I am working on getting myself into better health; that’s important for myself and my family’s future.

But even with these negatives I can see so many more positives. I think it’s wonderful how, if we let Him, God can really work ANYTHING to good. Evil brought death to my daughter but my God sustained her throughout our pregnancy when we were oblivious to Rhema’s physical challenges. Evil brought death to her during our delivery but my God sustained her and changed our course during birth to keep Rhema alive. Evil brought death to our family dreams and plans but God has sustained us through all the loss and destruction. We have a new dream. A new plan and it’s good. I am a better person on this side of four years than I was four years ago at this time. We have a stronger marriage than we did at four years ago at
this time. And Rhema is HERE, alive, happy, growing, flourishing, and beautiful! Yes as the day rolls on today these are the things I’m pondering in my heart. I’m thankful. I’m hopeful. I’m happy….. Now I’m getting ready to go decorate the mess out of the Birthday room!!!!