Duck Dynasty Jase pic from caution line June 2014 SNAG-0029A Quick Pic Behind The Line…

Rhema and I went to pay for our book (which was a gift for Rhema’s Papa) and then we walked over to get one more glimpse of Jase before we left.  I knelt down near Rhema and talked to her about who she just met and that he was Mia’s daddy and he has a little girl like Rhema who has to go to the hospital a lot too.  That Mia has lots of “helper friends”  like Rhema who help her feel better…. And that Jase and Mia both know and love Jesus just like we do.  Rhema just listened and watch all the folks going and coming.  Many of the Walmart staffers and the Jase staffers smiled at Rhema and talked to her;  many of them wanted to be sure she got to meet Jase.  It was very sweet how they all treated her with kindness.  It warmed my heart that Rhema felt included and not ignored.

Duck Dynasty Jase Bus Leaving June 2014 SNAG-0026Bye Bye Jase!

Rhema and I left the event and went to our van.  It took me a while to get her diaper changed and get her cathed and into her chair.  I gave her her juice and as I was getting into my seat to leave the parking lot we heard a loud horn and saw Jase’s bus leaving.  WOW!  I thought, if his staffer did not bring us to the front of the line I have huge doubts if Rhema would have ever got to meet Jase and we would have not had the opportunity to give him our Thank You letter.  My heart was overwhelmed with gratitude for the kindness shown and for the opportunity we had to meet Jase!  We followed the bus out and down the road and I snapped one more picture of the image on the rear of the bus.  It is a beautiful picture of the Robertson family; what a wonderful blessing they are!!! What a wonderful experience for the both of us!

PS.  The funny thing was as we were following the bus Rhema kept saying, “Bye Mr. Jase, bye! … I don’t have a beard… I do not have a beard….”  LOL!  I laughed my head off at this… the impression she took away from this amazing encounter was Jase’s beard!  She talked for hours and hours about it that Mr Jase had a beard and she does not have a beard!  Even when we gave Papa his surprise (the signed book) she explained to Papa that she did not have a beard.  LOL!  It was really funny to listen to her process her experience.

Here is the letter I wrote and we delivered to Jase…. I hope that he was able to read it and share it with Mia….

June 27, 2014


Dear Jase  & Missy,


You will have to forgive me if this letter is not very coherent, as I’ve just drove in from Children’s Hospital Birmingham with my 3 year old daughter Rhema.  We’ve just returned from Rhema’s Spina Bifida clinic and got good news all the way around from her Neurologist, Physiatrist and Urologist!  Praise God!   It’s 11pm Thursday night and Jase is going to be signing books at our Wal-Mart tomorrow.  So you wonder why I’m typing out this letter instead of crawling in to bed, right?   I’m hoping to be able to put it into Jase’s hands tomorrow.  We are excited he is coming to our neck of the woods.  (Pun intended).  Yes, our little town is kind of an out of the way place, but we are happy, happy, happy to have ya’ll come back!

Little do you know that last year, on Mother’s Day, you shared the front page with our little miracle Rhema.  I bet you did not know that, did you?  Our family was featured in the Mother’s Day edition of the Dothan Eagle right above your story!  God opened a door where we were able to share with the Wiregrass region our Faith and our daughter Rhema’s journey.  (I’ve enclosed the story for you to see)  One day we hope to meet ya’ll when you return for another event and be able to hug you for all your family means to us.  My parents did get to go up to an event to see ya’ll (I think it was in Montgomery) and all my dad talked about was getting to see Mrs. Kay!  He was so excited Mrs. Kay made an appearance; he says she reminds him of his momma who is with Jesus now. 

But I digress…. sorry, I’m one tired momma….. clinic visits are a long, long process…..

Yes, you guys have blessed us by your walk with the Lord.  We were additionally SO blessed by the season finale where you shared your journey with Mia and her 5th surgery.  I must say I was not prepared for the emotional upheaval it brought.  Watching the moments leading up to the surgery and seeing all the family support Mia had was so precious!  My heart echoed so much of what Jase expressed about his experience leading up to the surgery.  I cringed as I reflected on all the multiple surgeries our Rhema has had in her three years of life.   The photo montage toward the end was when the flood-gates opened for me; I was ill prepared with no Kleenex in sight.  Pause was hit until I remedied the situation. It was so impacting to see Mia in the hospital, both before and after the surgery.  Plus, the waiting room pictures of the family (Mrs. Kay especially) waiting for Mia to emerge from surgery….oh, it was all just too familiar. I wept familiar tears until the end.

I share my viewing experience with you not to just say, “wow, great TV show” or “oh, poor kid, that’s so tough.”  You see, I share this with you to say THANK YOU for honesty showing what we, and many other folks, experience when they have a child who has special needs.  The honest look into this journey, done with such integrity, really was WONDERFUL to see!   Even through my tears I was able to express to my folks, who were watching with me, that it was AWESOME to think that millions of people were just able to take a brief peek into our experience.  Plus, for folks to be able to hear only by the Lord and His strength, are we able to put one foot in front of the other on this journey — wow!  I was undone and elated simultaneously.  What an amazing gift to have a platform to share Mia’s amazing act of courage, your amazing family support and Jesus! 

I’m sorry if I’m rambling, but my heart overflows with gratitude for your willingness to share your journey.  Mia is so beautiful and I agree that she is one tough cookie!  I loved reading her saying that she knew God was with her!  Daily I pray that Rhema will meet Jesus at an early age, walk with Him always and know that He is with her as she walks her journey with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus.  Watching Mia gives me hope and encouragement that Rhema will also find peace and strength from her Savior when she faces surgeries and bumps in the road. 

Well, I’m sorry this almost took two pages, but I wanted to express my gratitude in full, and do not have much time to edit.  So, in closing, consider this letter a “two dimensional hug” from our little family to yours.  Know we appreciate your openness, honesty and integrity in sharing your journey.  It means the world to me for Rhema to have young girls I can point her to that have Faith in Jesus and yet, also walk a hard road.  Rhema altered our course in so many ways, but we are better people on this side of it.  Daily we purpose to reflect the Love of Jesus no matter where this journey takes us– therapies, hospitals, surgical centers, etc….  From what I’ve seen of your family, that sums up how ya’ll are too. 

We’d love it if you’d let Mia visit Rhema’s blog, if she’d like, to see Rhema’s journey.  Mia is maybe too young to understand it all, but it might be an encouragement to her to see another kid walking a similar journey.  Tell Mia how much her allowing us to see her story has encouraged us and thank her for allowing it to be shared on the airways.  She is like a little rock that is thrown into a pond… the rock is tiny but when it hits the water, the rings go out for miles and miles…impacting everything it touches.   We are happy she bumped into us.  🙂

May the Lord continue to bless you both and the Robertson family.  In this day, it is a wonderful thing to have the name Jesus uttered on TV and it not be used as a curse word.  We love watching the show and pray the Lord continues His blessings upon your family for the stand you continue to take in His name. You make us all “Happy Happy Happy”!

Quack Quack & Amen,

 Rhema’s Momma