Duck Dynasty Jase Bus June 2014 SNAG-0000He’s Here!

Rhema and Momma went on an adventure!  We found out that Jase was coming to our town for only an hour and we had to try to see him.  Our family is a huge fan of Duck Dynasty and above all we LOVE Jase’s family and specifically Mia, his little girl.  The episode where Mia had surgery was a HUGE blessing to us as parents and we wanted to take him a Thank You note for sharing Mia’s story.  Rhema and I took a chance and went to the event with Thank You note in hand along with a copy of the article in the newspaper that put her and Duck Dynasty on the front page together last year.  Duck Dynasty Jase Bus with Rhema June 2014 SNAG-0003Rhema & Jase’s Bus

Rhema and I got to the back of the line and as I was putting our letter and news paper clippings in an envelope a man walked up to us and told us to follow him.  He did not say anythings else and I thought that he thought we’d stolen the envelops I had in the bag and the snack treat I just had handed to Rhema.  I began following him, rolling Rhema with me, trying to catch up to him to explain that I had a receipt with me.  When he turned to face us I noticed that his shirt was not a Walmart staff shirt, but was a Jase Road Team shirt.  Whoa!  Okay, I thought, what is happening here… He walked us past three yellow-tape areas and then when we popped out we were only a few feet away from Jase!  WOW!  He said that he did not want “the baby” to miss out on seeing Jase and he was glad we came out.  I explained that I did not have the book for him to sign and so he turned and motioned for another staffer to bring us a book.  We got our book and was instructed to pay for it after it was signed and I tried to give him our envelop as he was obviously one of the coordinators and riding with Jase.  He asked me was it a gift and I said yes, it was a thank you note.  He said for me to just give it to Jase myself.  We stood, turned and within literally seconds, we were face to face with our bearded-hero, Jase!

Duck Dynasty Jase Photo June 2014 SNAG-0000Jase looked really tired and I’m sure all of the book signing gigs had worn him down, but his eyes were what captured me.  He has such gentle eyes and was very gracious in his demeanor.  He smiled at Rhema and said she was “cute”.  I told him I had to give him a hug and he smiled and hugged me.  I handed him our envelope and explained that it was a thank you note and we were so happy he came to our town so we could meet him.  He took the envelop and placed it on his table and then his staffer then instructed us to smile; I knelt down near Rhema and Jase leaned over for a brief picture.  Rhema would not look forward, but kept staring at Jase…. I think she recognized his face from the TV. LOL!  They handed us our book and an small flyer with instructions on how to retrieve our picture on-line and then we stepped away and he turned to meet the next folks in line.  WOW, it was all to fast!  It was a wonderful encounter and we were soooo immensely blessed we were able to meet him!