Rhema & Sanako Pumpkin Patch Oct 2014 SNAG-00002 Princesses In A Punkin’ Patch!

Rhema and her “sister” Sanako had a blast in the Pumpkin Patch!

Pumpkin Patch sunny in wagon Oct 2014 SNAG-0017Look At All These Pumpkins!

It rained right before we were to go to pick out a pumpkin, so we decided to ditch the wheelie and go for the wagon.

Pumpkin Patch binoculars Oct 2014 SNAG-0016Rhema would spy the one she wanted to see in her “binoculars” and then momma would roll her in the direction of the one she spotted!

Pumpkin Patch Pointing Oct 2014 SNAG-0014Rhema would point and we would roll!

Pumpkin Patch Sitting On Pumpkin Oct 2014 SNAG-0011Pumpkin Sitting!

Right before we left I let her out of the wagon and sat her on a pumpkin.  Rhema thought this was soooo fun and then began trying to pick up the pumpkin in front of her!  LOL!  Eventually she fell off backwards into the soft grass!  LOL!

Fun times!