Pumpkin Patch Bead Buddy Oct 2014 SNAG-0013Our Beads Visited the Pumpkin Patch!

We’ve really enjoyed the month of October and our Carry A Bead Project.  Our Carry A Beads have traveled with us through SIX States in the month of October: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee!  Some times we have worn the Beads, like during our Walk &  Roll Event for Spina Bifida, and other times they have been worn by our Pumpkin Friend.  (see pic below)

The Beads have gone everywhere with us for the Month of October!  It has been a real fun Project for us and we are gathering our items to send back in to the Carry A Bead Project!  We’ve got postcards from all the places we visited, pictures of Rhema wearing her Beads at her Spina Bifida Walk and then we are sending along some other goodies for the child who will receive our Bead.  We are very excited this week as we gather all our items and get our box ready to ship back to the Beads of Courage Program.  Our goal is to participate in the Carry A Bead Program each October.

We encourage each of you to take a look into the Beads of Courage and sponsor a child.  Or if you want some extra fun, choose the Carry A Bead Program and choose a Walk/Run to participate in and wear your Bead with pride.  The point is to help out a child and have fun!

Pumpkin Patch Beads Of Courage Oct 2014 SNAG-0012