My Brother Rocks!

During PT this week, Rhema’s brother Matthew was a huge help again!  Mrs. Dee-Dee had him helping with all kinds of things!  Here he is holding a board between Rhema’s feet as she works on walking.  Matt was so helpful and just crawled behind her holding the board while she walked from the front to the back of the building.  Even with the twister cables, Rhema’s legs are pulling so badly that she is beginning to trip over her feet again, especially when she walks quickly like she enjoys doing.  We may try to turn them more outward than they are to compensate until she can have her surgery in September.

  Rhema enjoyed her Dance class and did some really fun stuff this week.  She even got to wear tap shoes and make some noise!

And yes, then there is the new favorite– the ball pit!  She started asking for it when we pulled into the drive way!

Mrs. Dee-dee had her climb up the stairs and then “jump” in.  Mrs. Dee-dee does most of the work, of course, but Rhema is learning how to move in different scenarios with assistance.

Rhema played in the ball pit the full 30 minutes between her sessions!  It’s quite a work out and her therapist said that it’s similar to aquatic therapy in theory.

Either way, Rhema LOVES it, it’s fun and it’s good for her strength building!  That’s a WIN-WIN. LOL!

One more cute picture for the road…..

If that doesn’t make you smile, then you may need an intervention! LOL!

Have a blessed week ya’ll!