Wearing my new swim suit from my Birthday!

Rhema and I went swimming this past week and she had a ball!  Her new swim suit fit her beautifully; thank you so much Sommer family!  We swam for about and hour and a half with a 20 minute intermission when we had to exit the pool for a horrible thunder storm.  Rhema sat with me wrapped in a towel waiting patiently as we listened to the thunder roll outside.  The pool is indoors and Rhema learned that if she screeched loudly or yelled that it echoed.  While this was a fun game for her, momma had to discourage it as it was SO VERY loud and hurt our ears!  However, it was fun to see her exploring her world and learning new things.  I hope to take her at least three or four more times to swim before her big surgery.  My ultimate goal is to get her back down to the beach at least to play in the sand once more too before September 10th.  I know it’s silly, but say a prayer I can figure out a way to do this; it’s important to me that she have opportunity to play one more time this season before she is casted for so long.