Sleeping2 Jan 2014 SNAG-0001In Her Nest

Well, we decided the safest place for Rhema during the time with her casts with the pins was with momma each night.  We just never felt peace at moving Rhema to her room.  She is a restless sleeper and there was such a concern of her trying to get off the bed and landing on her feet, that we decided to keep her close.

It’s reminiscent to when Rhema was an infant and I was feeding her bottles and pumping breast milk around the clock.  I was so sleep deprived, but at the same time I loved seeing her and spending time with her in the wee hours of the morning.  It has the same feeling now, having her with me every night and being up several times through the night. She begins to move around, begins to fuss,  she says, “I’m stuck” and then I shift her into another position.  It only takes her a few minutes, with the relief she gets from the new position, and she’s fast asleep again.  I cuddle her for a few minutes, stroke her hair, whisper to her “momma’s here….I love you” and then reposition her pillow “nest” and cover her back up with blankets.   Yes, all this makes it difficult to get contiguous sleep, but it is only for a brief season.  These are precious cuddle moments with my girl and I know that when I’m old and gray,  I will look back on these moments as precious treasure.

Sleeping Jan 2014 SNAG-0000 SNAG-0000My Treasure & Her Cuddle Bunny