Glenda Yohn Gift Feb 2014 SNAG-0001Fun With Friends!

We had a wonderful visit with friends, Ronnie & Glenda Yohn, the other day!  This lovely couple, I (momma) have known most of my life; they have always been a blessing to me all this time and now Rhema gets to enjoy them too!  The lady pictured is Glenda, and she was very special to me growing up.  And now, she follows Rhema’s blog and is one of our prayer supporters!  They brought Rhema over a surprise box full of goodies, which Rhema loved, and Glenda played “princess tea party” with Rhema while we all visited.  When they left to go home, Rhema gave them a real wave goodbye and said something about “come play again”!  Yes, they’ve made quite an impression on her to get both of those farewells!  We are so blessed to have such wonderful folks in our lives….. Many, many hugs precious friends…. WE LOVE YOU!!!!