Pre-Surgery Clinic


Before Rhema’s surgery she had a routine clinic visit.  She saw her whole team of physicians: Neurosurgeon, Urologist, Physiatrist, Orthotists, etc….  We’d already seen her orthopedic surgeon prior to this appointment so we did not see him that day.  Clinic is ALWAYS a marathon not a sprint; it’s a full day of scans, x-rays, ultrasounds, which is followed by the sea of medical faces.

This day Rhema made a new friend, James.  This little buddy and his mamma were the highlight of our day.  James gave Rhema the superman headband Rhema is wearing; it came in his Happy Meal and it was “for girls!”  LOL!  Would you know by looking at this little man that he’d had 16 brain surgeries?  Count them– 16–sixteen.  He is six years old and born the same month as our Rhema.  I admit I almost had to be peeled off the floor after hearing that from his mamma.  Rhema and he talked and talked.  After our long day of appointments, James even showed Rhema a cool place in the hospital to play that we’d not every been to.  Rhema played air hockey for the first time ever; James was so sweet with her.  They both won an animal is this game and in the end they exchanged animals before heading home.  We hope to see them again in November and may be joining them for the Hydrocephalus Walk on Jame’s team.