Riding In The Wagon!

So sorry folks we’ve been MIA for almost a week!  We’ve been SO VERY busy getting ready for the upcoming surgery!

Rhema had her pre-op appointment last week.  We’ve gotten some new information for the surgeon that has made us unsettled so we are going to allow another surgeon to give us his insights on her legs and feet before we proceed.  We have every confidence in our current surgeon, but the kinds of alterations suggested currently we feel it best to have other voices, in tandem, giving educated input so we are certain as to the BEST path for Rhema.  Please keep us in your prayers as decisions will have to be made VERY soon in order to proceed with our current Sept 10th surgery appointment.  If we are not completely confident, we have no qualms about moving the appointment until we are fully at peace.  However, the BEST course scheduling-wise would be to keep our current surgery date and that is our hope.  Oh, Lord Jesus, help us to find the answers we need!!!

Rhema was wonderful all during her appointment.  Momma was freaking out a bit internally with all this new information, but Rhema did fine! LOL!   Oh, for the child-like faith & peace, that Rhema displays daily, as we go from doctors appointment to another appointment and all the while she is at peace.  She is our constant joy and blessing!